QuantoTech and Simon Fraser University install Q400 Specialty LED Lights for Research

QuantoTech Solutions has supplied computer-controlled LED lights for a research project Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.

“The controllability of the Q400 gives research facilities the ability to fine tune the light output to their needs using our API to build their own custom, control software. The customization possibilities are some of the reasons that our Q400 smart systems are so unique,” said Alycia van der Gracht, Manager of Operations and Supply Chain.

QuantoTech Solutions Ltd. and the College of New Caledonia install LED Lights at Aquaponics Showcase

QuantoTech Solutions has supplied LED lights for an aquaponics showcase located in the Prince George campus of the College of New Caledonia in Prince George, British Columbia. This project was made possible with funding from the Omineca Beetle Action Coalition and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

“Our Northern BC communities are concerned about food security and want the ability to grow fresh produce year round. At the aquaponics showcase we will be demonstrating the growing of fresh produce. The harvest is used by our culinary food program and served right on campus. The showcase will be used by our Northern communities to help them launch their own year round food production” said Hardy Griesbauer, Director, Applied Research and Innovation, College of New Caledonia.

“Northern communities have restricted sunlight during much of the year which makes LED lighting necessary for commercial harvest. This showcase demonstrates the proper lighting configuration, intensity and spectrum needed by these communities,” said Gary Zywiecki, CTO Lighting Technology.

QuantoTech Solutions Ltd. is an engineering service company that supplies energy-efficient and environment-friendly LED lighting systems to commercial growers. To learn more about QuantoTech Solutions visit our website at http://www.quantotechltd.com.