The Power of Collaboration: Improving Food Security for BC and Beyond

Check here for an update on QuantoTech’s collaboration through the Digital Supercluster projects with i-Open Group.

“Through the AutoAg project, a consortia of partners that also includes QuantoTech, Simon Fraser University, Terramera and Verge Ag are working together to develop the world’s first interactive planning software for precision and autonomous agriculture.”

Read more on the work being done with i-Open Group and the Food and Agriculture Institute:

QuantoTech Grow Bank and Food System Map

“This research explores urban agriculture, vertical farming and controlled-environment agriculture methods to address food system vulnerabilities associated with climate change, farm succession and using conventional agriculture methods.”

QuantoTech Solutions Ltd. designs, manufactures and operates vertical farms to promote food security and sustainability by bringing fresh produce to unconventional climates and under-served communities. Northern Greens is the brand for produce grown with QuantoTech systems.


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