QuantoTech Solutions Ltd. Pursues Urban Farming Partnerships in Kazakhstan

QuantoTech Solutions is pursuing multiple urban farming partnerships in three Kazakhstan cities. The QuantoTech team recently traveled to three cities in Kazakhstan to meet potential partners and determine the feasibility of urban farming in Kazakhstan to support local restaurants.

“QuantoTech is branching out to Kazakhstan due to great interest from the Kazakhstan government in Canadian technology as well as an interest in becoming more self-reliant. We’ve teamed up with a strong partner in Kazakhstan to help determine the feasibility of urban farming in Kazakhstan. We have found four other partners interested in hosting urban farming pilot sites. By growing locally in the city, we can drive down prices to our local restaurant customers while significantly increasing quality,” said Alycia van der Gracht, Founder.

QuantoTech Solutions Ltd. is an engineering service company that supplies energy-efficient and environment-friendly LED lighting and grow systems to commercial growers.

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