QuantoTech Deploys Q75 Specialty LED Lights for Vertically staged Germination at Terramera Inc.

QuantoTech Solutions has supplied LED lights for vertically staged germination and growing at Terramera for use in growth trials.

“Any vertically staged growth requires a thin form factor light to make the most of the limited space. QuantoTech’s ultra-flat Q75 panels use diffused LED light allowing plants to grow right up close to the light source without risk of burning or harming the plant,” said Alycia van der Gracht, Manager of Operations and Supply Chain.

“The high level of uniformity found in QuantoTech’s lights generate greater homogeneity in our trial crops. This leads to more accurate data for our research and a higher level of precision in our results,” Said Jonatan Montpetit Plant Physiologist at Terramera.

More information on Terramera can be found here.

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